Nintendo Will Make Smartphone Games

If you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to play Nintendo games on your iPhone, you might not have to wait much longer. Nintendo is reportedly working on creating its own smartphone games, a project it plans to undertake with the help of the developer DeNA. For right now, the two are working primarily on making new games for mobile phones rather than bringing old titles to the mobile platform. That doesn’t mean we won’t see some Nintendo classics eventually make their way there, however.

The hope is that Nintendo will be able to build interest in new titles on mobile devices without pulling away interest from the games it already has available on its Wii U and Nintendo 3DS systems. Along with the partnership, YouTube videos suggested that Nintendo is taking a small stake in DeNA. Now Nintendo owns 10% of the gaming company. DeNA will in turn get 1.24% of Nintendo, which is a much larger company.

Expect games to be available as both free to play and paid version. Nintendo also might offer a subscription model of sorts, where gamers play a small monthly fee for access to a bundle of games. The first fruits of the partnership are expected to be released next year.

Doctors May Start Prescribing Video Games

In the future your doctor might prescribe a video game as part of a medical treatment. Researchers are starting to look at video games as a therapy solution for people with cognitive disorders as well as people who have ADHD and autism. The games, which require you to use a certain part of your brain in order to play them, could help some patients as a form of therapy.

One of the games currently on the table is one that has an alien float down a river, grabbing items that match a certain color as he floats by while avoiding items of another color. Fersen Lambranho seems to suggest that the idea seems simple, but playing will require people to focus on the game and the colors to make sure they don’t grab the wrong one. Over time, it’s a skill you could in theory train your brain to do, and apply to other parts of your life where concentration isn’t exactly working.

The game is the creation of Boston’s Akii Interactive Labs. It’s currently putting the game through its paces in clinical trials with the hope of getting federal approval to use it as a medical product in the near future. If successful, it could mean huge things for how we treat and how successfully we treat a number of disorders.

GameStop Donates Thousands to Family of Slain Officer

The GameStop retail chain recently donated $50,000 to the family of slain Philadelphia police officer Robert Wilson III. Wilson was shot and killed inside of one GameStop store location as he attempted to prevent a robbery.

Wilson was shopping, but was in full police uniform when Ramone Williams and Carlton Hipps entered the store. The brothers announced their intention to rob the store. Wilson responded. A gunfight erupted inside of the store. Lawyers said that Wilson was fatally wounded when he was shot in the head.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey commended Wilson’s heroic efforts.

“He was shot prior to receiving the fatal wound,” Ramsey said. “Having a police officer’s heart, Wilson continued to fight to protect those around him.”

GameStop decided to donate $50,000 to Wilson’s family. The company attempted to do so in a quiet manner, as not to draw attention away from Wilson’s heroic deed. The company did announce its intention to set up buckets to accept donations for the Wilson family.

Wilson was the the 30-year-old father of two.

A trust fund has been established for the Wilson children.

Hipps and Williams have each been charged with murder.

In More Film Reboot News

If cinephiles thought that 2014 was the year of the reboots, they are wrong. Only one month into 2015 and yet another film reboot is in the works. This time, the Tomb Raider franchise that is linked to the popular Tomb Raider game franchise will experience a complete reboot with story lines that focus on the tomb raiding adventures of a much younger Lara Croft. In previous films, Angelina Jolie played an older version of the character.

According to Deadline, the new film will be penned by the reboot writer for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, Evan Daugherty. There no news yet as to who MGM and Warner Bros. might tap to play the iconic lead. Given Jolie’s unique looks and incredible acting ability, whoever takes on the task will be facing a lot of comparisons CatalystFive users like Brian Torchin feel anyway.

Some fans of the original films and video games are concerned though at Daugherty being the writer choice. Although he also helped adapt two films that were big box office successes — Snow White and the Huntsmen and Divergent — both films were not of the same high caliber that audience members have come to expect after watching a reboot like Star Trek. Additionally, although Daugherty was only a partial contributor to TMNT, many fans of the cartoon series weren’t happy with the reboot and blame him for it not having enough elements from the original series.

The Three Greatest Video Games Of All Time

Video games have become extremely popular and acceptable in recent years. The Xbox One and the Playstation 4 were bought by millions of people around the world. However, just a decade ago, you were considered a loser if you played video games regularly. Now, even girls play video games. The gaming world has been commercialized, and this allows for terrible games to be made from what Sultan Alhokair says.

I believe that some of the greatest games of all time may have been released over a decade ago. Final Fantasy 7 was released in 1997, and it makes the list as one of the greatest games of all time. FF7 is beloved by millions of gamers around the world, and people are begging for a remake. Final Fantasy 7 immersed players into its story, and the game still lives on in the hearts of many.

The next game on my list is The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. If there ever was a perfect game, Ocarina Of Time is it. Zelda is one of the greatest franchises in video game history, but Ocarina Of Time took players across the land of Hyrule like never before. The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time is truly a masterpiece.

Halo 2 takes the final spot on my list. Combining amazing story with amazing multiplayer, Halo 2 is the greatest first-person shooter of all time. For more information on some of the best games ever, visit Gamerant.

Raspberry Pi Tops Sales Charts

The Raspberry Pi, a small microcomputer, has now sold over five million units, making it the best selling computer in the United Kingdom. The Pi was released in 2012, and has since been a hot commodity on the market. Despite its initial draw for those with private interests in such an affordable and highly capable model, the Pi has been staying true to its roots, and has been facilitating educational growth, as well as enabling those who are interested in learning about the capabilities of technology to do so. At only $35, the Raspberry Pi’s price certainly lends itself to the remarkable sales numbers. Furthermore, the Raspberry Foundation has recently released the Raspberry Pi 2, a unit with faster processing power and greater memory, which still costs the same as the original Raspberry Pi, and is something Ricardo Guimarães is definitely going to buy.  Browsing Maquina will be so much better.

This demonstration in sales potential and consumer friendly ideology from the Raspberry Foundation provides hope for the future of technological growth. It is clear that this company puts perceived social needs ahead of securing profits, staying true to their goal of furthering education where possible. The cost and simplicity of the Raspberry devices make it easier for individuals who are less aware of the capabilities of current computers to take steps to become up to date on the current technological climate. This suggests the possibility of moving forward into an even more computer-laden age without allowing others to lag behind.

Zombie News and Notes


New video game Dying Light puts an end to the age old debate over which zombies are better – slow moving Romero style or the modern running dead zombies. When game developers Polish and Techland Studios simply said, ‘Why not both?’

It is an answer so simple it is surprising no geek has mentioned it before. Taking a page out of the Resident Evil handbook, the new gaming experience Dying Light is chock full of zombies of every sort, variety and stage of decomp.

The story, while not very original, is still interesting thinks Paul Mathieson. In a metropolis setting in Eastern Europe, you are a special ops soldier called in to get to the bottom of the situation. The latest trailer for Dying Light can be seen here.

Zombies are big business, but killing zombies is even bigger business.

The Revolutionery Social App: Skout

Skout is newest dating and social networking app on the market. It lets users connect with people in their hometown or travel to other cities and countries and communicate with other people there. Skout’s endless features let users chat, set up meetings with other people and more. The result is a new and innovative twist to the other social apps that are available now.

Skout works much like other dating websites or apps but differentiates itself by letting its users find people in their proximity through its GPS location tracker. Once they find someone who lives nearby, users can contact others, chat with them and even send virtual gifts. Skout users can also view each others unique profiles which show basic information, recent activities and trips.

While it is not the only feature that Skout boasts, the travel feature is probably the most popular of them all. Just earlier this year it had officially been used over 10 million times since its introduction less than two years ago. With this feature Skout users can pick a destination anywhere in the world and virtually travel there. They can then meet new people who are in the same city and connect with them. Some connections only last the duration of the trip while others flourish into lifelong relationships.

Besides being a fun way for users to connect, Skout is also very safe. Users have the ability to keep certain information private and can turn the location tracking feature on and off as they please. When deciding to meet some of their friends in person, they can do so through the app’s messaging feature. The app also separates teen users from adults for added security.

Skout is one of the first apps to focus on the importance of location when dating or looking for new friends. It enables users to meet new people that actually live near them as opposed to half way around the world. And since Skout is available in over 180 countries and 14 languages everyone is sure to find someone to connect with.

The Elder Scrolls Online Release Date

Bethesda has announced that the Elder Scrolls Online will be coming to consoles on June 9th, 2015. The game was originally supposed to be released in 2014, but the game was not ready for sale. The PC version of The Elder Scrolls Online was a major failure. The game was plagued with many technical issues.

The console version of the Elder Scrolls Online was delayed because of the PC version’s failure. The Elder Scrolls has become one of the most popular gaming franchises in the history of video games. Fans of the series expect a top of the line product from Bethesda. The PC version of the game surprised all those who bought it. Elder Scrolls fans are coming off the best game in the series, “Skyrim.” The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was one of the greatest games of all time.

Dan Newlin is waiting along with several other video game critics that I know for the successor of Skyrim. While it may be hard to duplicate the crictially acclaimed game, many people thought that Bethesda would be able to do it. Bethesda has continued to delay the release of The Elder Scrolls Online because the company wants to deliver an experience like no other.

Bethesda has now announced that the Elder Scrolls Online will not have a monthly subscription fee. The Elder Scrolls Online will be completely free to play. Bethesda is a company that strives for customer satisfaction. Xbox One and Playstation 4 users are waiting for Bethesda’s next masterpiece.


For more information on The Elder Scrolls Online, visit Screenrant’s sister site, Gamerant.

Find International Friends Through Skout

I think of myself as a very multicultural person. I have friends from different nations, I work in a multicultural setting, and I’ve traveled to many different countries. Because my travels to different countries were short-lived, I wanted a way to be able to meet new friends in countries around the world, especially ones that I’ve never traveled to. I was searching the internet for a chat website, when I came across Skout. Skout sounded perfect to me, because it has over 100 million users on the network, giving me a wide array of people to talk to.

I immediately signed up, and I also chose to download the Skout app, for the ease of use. I set up my profile to reflect my personality, and added pictures that let others know what type of person I was, and my background. I immediately had people on Skout looking for me, and asking to chat. I wanted to filter out the different people I would talk to, by finding those that were in different countries that I had never been to, or never heard of. Skout really caters to those who want to meet people in other countries, as the app pinpoints users’ locations.

I’ve spoken to someone in Australia, the UK, South Africa, China, Japan, Jamaica, and many locations here in the USA. I love the “shake” feature, which allows me to talk to people that I’ve never met before, and who I may not have searched for, originally. I just simply shake my phone, and then I get a new potential friend to talk to. I absolutely love this feature, because I’ll never know which person I’ll end up talking to, or which area of the world they will be in. I love the mystery behind the shake to talk feature.

I was able to do a narrowed search, and look for people in many other countries. Skout has people from different countries all over the world, so I decided to search through many of them, and look for a new friend. After finding several persons that I found to be interesting, and great conversationalist, I added them to my favorites list. This favorites list is very handy, because I can easily find the person when I want to talk in the future, as opposed to looking them up all over again. I decided to open up other features, by purchasing Skout points.

There are certain features that must be paid for on the Skout app, using Skout points, which are at a good price, so I can choose different features that I want. Since I’m all over the place, and talking to so many people from different countries, I was curious about a few things. I wanted to see who had been searching for me, and also who had added me as their favorites list. I found someone from every country that I had researched, had added me as a favorite. I now have a lot of people on my favorites list.

My Skout points can also be used to send virtual gifts, and I also decided to send several greetings to many of my favorites on Facebook later. This feature is a great one, because it allows me to say “hi” to those that I choose, and let them know that I’m thinking of them. I absolutely love Skout.